Blackbox® is a vehicle control and recording unit with a new generation source management and saving system that is produced for fleet companies and is based on safe drive and fuel saving.

With the 72-channel Glonass GPS unit, the location of vehicles can be detected with high precision.

Thanks to Dead Reckoning quality, it calculates GPS information with Accelerometer and Gyroscope infrastructures without applying to any satellite information where connection is not possible as in tunnels and airports. Using the GPRS unit, it conveys all vehicle and driving information to the server online.

It also controls, warns and records whether tasks and orders are carried out according to certain criteria. With the internal acceleration sensor, it records all the movements of a vehicle on 3 axes. Besides, it warns drivers with an audio warning message by recording sudden deceleration, abrupt halt, sudden acceleration, sharp round, bump, hole and ramp information.

It also transfers vehicle sensor and driving information to servers online with regular intervals. The most recent 20 thousand event records are stored in the flash memory of your device just in case GSM network does not have any signal or there arises another GPRS connection issue. This stored information is then delivered to the server when connection re-established in order to ensure that there is no missing data in the server.

Thanks to safe drive infrastructure, it controls, warns and records lane changes without signals or critically short distance to a car or a pedestrian.

The SD card within the safe drive device stores the video recorded during drive.


General Properties

  • Location monitoring on map with use of GPS unit
  • Online data transfer with 2G-3G units
  • Accident detection and information with speed sensor
  • Vehicle sensor (fuel level, fuel use, speed, cycle, km and heat etc.) and failure information read on CAN Bus
  • Vehicle sensor (fuel level, fuel use, speed, cycle, km and heat etc.) and failure information read on K-Line
  • Vehicle drive information read on CAN Bus and K-Line
  • Audio warning message in case of all violations against certain given limits
  • Automatic e-mail delivery in case of all violations against certain given limits


Optional Properties

  • Lane recognition, signalling, vehicle recognition, pedestrian recognition, and disoriented driver violations and warnings
  • The monitoring of and warning for safe following distance
  • Early crash risk warning
  • Identity card recognition with Touch Button Reader
  • Identity card reading with RFID Mifare
  • Smart Card Reader
  • Motor Blockage
  • Emergency Button
  • Tire Pressure Sensor
  • Mobile Printer
  • Mobile Scanner
  • Heat Sensor
  • LCD Screen
  • Navigation
  • Message
  • Task-Order follow up
  • Active Drive Training
  • Trailer Monitoring
  • Communication module on Feeder Line
  • Contact-free CAN Bus reader module


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