Human Resources Policy

Infinidium A.S. acts according to “Human oriented approach” at each and every stage of the world of business and implements human resources systems in accordance with corporate targets and strategies.
In this sense, the company determines corporate targets and needs and;

Offers permanent training opportunities for both the personal and professional developments of the employees, and
Applies objective criteria in performance evaluations and awards high performance while supporting the improvement of low performance

The company also supports the realization of individual goals and ensures the improvement of corporate performance.

Wage Policy

Infinidium A.S. determines wages according to a wage policy which is shaped with reference to the knowledge, experience, skills, educational background, required know-how and experience and responsibility of an employee.

Training Policy

In Infinidium A.S., the training process of a newly-recruited personnel starts with an orientation training in order to introduce the company in a better way, explain the organizational structure clearly and introduce the business structure, working system and other employees to the new personnel. The orientation training ensures that the new personnel easily and efficiently adapts to the company, working environment and business.
The training process which starts with orientation proceeds with other trainings dedicated to the improvement of personal and professional knowledge and skills of the personnel. These trainings are determined according to the needs of the personnel and the company and also contribute to the targets and strategies of the latter.