INFINIDIUM offers special solutions for you with the wide engineer staff and experience. Infinidium meets the electronic and software needs with the contemporary norms and also offers customized projects in accordance with your vision.


  1. Ready-Mixed Concrete Delivery Management

The companies that deliver ready-mixed concrete to many sites everyday are able to monitor and manage all their site operations by viewing them online and from a single centre with Blackbox® ready delivery management. This system enables both current and retrospective detailed reports and delivery notes for all operations and offers detailed and instantaneous monitoring for a whole operation. Apart from these, users can also view and report the place and mode of use of vehicles and their cycle, speed, idle running, fuel and failure information.

  1. Logistics Operation and Fleet Management

Blackbox® fleet management is a high-quality licensed system with distinguished properties that enable high performance and professional control and reporting for the vehicles and drivers of the companies with a fleet. It offers an opportunity to carry out all controls and reports instantaneously and online.


  1. Public Transportation Management

With Blackbox® public transportation management system, it is now possible to check and control the routes and stop arrivals of all passenger buses. Besides, the passenger headcount module provided in addition to the system counts the numbers of incoming and outgoing passengers at particular stops and, therefore, decreases dense passenger traffic of rush hours to normal levels with additional vehicle supply.

In order to prevent possible accidents, the system immediately detects, records and warns about driver faults such as lane change without signalling or risky distance to another vehicle.

At each second, Blackbox® Public Transportation Management devices records various vehicle information such as location, speed and malfunction with the use of information read on CAN Bus line. When an accident takes place or there is a considerable failure in a vehicle, such information stored in Blackbox® helps to illuminate the event with an examination.

In addition to all these properties, the camera offers 7/24 road and vehicle record and, when necessary, these records can be viewed remote and online and be retrospectively reported.

  1. Equipment and Machinery Management

Equipment and machinery management system ensures the authorization, management and control of forklifts and similar other industrial vehicles.

This ensures control over the power supplies, maintenance periods, repair periods and accident information of equipment while also enabling optimal use of equipment by detecting unemployed vehicles.

  1. Waste Management System

This is an excellent and unique interactive management system with which municipalities and subcontract companies can organize, assign, view and report all their cleaning services online. The magnetic sensors, RFID sensors and cameras mounted on waste vehicles record and transfer all waste collection data to servers online using GPRS.

  1. Tourism and Personnel Transportation

This is a unique vehicle planning, management and control system that ensures and reports optimal use of all vehicles by controlling and automatically planning the shortest routes with reference to maps and according to arrival and departure locations of airports and hotels etc. even during the dense summer seasons. Furthermore, the screens in vehicles enable drivers to see the address information of passengers while ensuring that passengers are appropriately served thanks to the navigation system appearing on the screens.